Height adjustable table
Floating table top

The 6-way X-ray system PRS 500 E series offers an effective and complete workplace to the user and a comfortable atmosphere to the patient. The system supports all radiographic techniques of the areas of orthopedics, surgery, and urology.

The X-ray unit comes with a microprocessor-controlled converter-generator of the PROVARIO HF series which is installed under the table. A digital automatic exposure control (AEC – included in classic and TOUCH version) and anatomical  programming (APR) serve a smooth and fast workflow.

The PRS 500 E series offers almost unlimited possibilities to satisfy even most demanding customer requirements, due to its very broad application range, e.g. cassette based film-/ imaging plate system or in combination with a flatpanel detector (stationary, portable, cable connected or wireless) up to a dual panel system.

Available models:

  • PRS 500 E basic – our entry-level solution with 40 KW generator
  • PRS 500 E classic – our standard solution with 50 KW generator, Varian tube and AEC
  • PRS 500 E TOUCH – digital high-end solution with integrated image acquisition through touch-display with detector-Bucky corresponding to chosen flatpanel.

Top 5:

  • Space saving, fast installation through integrated tube stand and 6-way table with integrated generator
  • Exposures with low impact on patient and tube due to carbon fibre table (Option) top for very high radiolucency
  • Brilliant image quality due to very low distance between patient and film/ detector and short exposure times
  • Floating and easy to handle table top, also suitable for heavy weight patients
  • Optional dual panel solution and different tubes for very high patient throughput

Standard delivery range

  • PROGNOST ES, elevating bucky table with integrated column tube stand, grid
  • PROVARIO HF X-ray generator with APR, integrated into the table (optional: generator with 40, 50, 65 or 80 kW)
  • PROVERT, vertical bucky stand with grid
  • X-ray tube with manual collimator and high voltage cables (standard length)

Ease of use

  • Adjustable height for convenient patient handling
  • Flat floating table top
  • Tube rotation with 90° click stops
  • Rotational collimator
  • Ergonomic and user friendly design and operational controls
  • Highly effective table top brakes, even in off-state
  • Synchronized movement of X-ray column and bucky via an automatic clutch enables permanent centering of X-ray beam and cassette

Options / Accessories (abstract)

  • Dose area product meter system
  • Additional hand exposure switch
  • Patient extending handle for PROVERT wall stand
  • Cassette holder
  • Compression band
  • Mattress

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