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22. March 2019

VET-Training Event

VET-Training Event The first general training event organized by PROTEC will take place next Thursday…
26. February 2019

PROTEC Internal goals meeting 2019

PROTEC Internal milestone meeting 2019   On Friday 22.02.2019 all PROTEC employees met for our…
20. February 2019

ECR Vienna 2019

ECR Vienna 2019   Of course, the European X-Ray Congress in Vienna is a scheduled…
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Human Medicine

Digital X-ray systems from Germany

Radiology is becoming increasingly important in human medicine. Continuing improvements in technology are making diagnostics more precise and reliable than ever before. PROTEC develops and manufactures X-ray equipment along with the software to go with it. Its complete, perfectly designed X-ray systems are Made in Germany and come from a single source. You have a choice of analogue or digital, from patient tables to custom-designed software solutions. Our products can also be combined with existing third-party systems. With a simple technical enhancement (DR upgrade) you can make the leap from analogue to digital technology.

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Veterinary Medicine

For the health of our animals

Treatment standards in veterinary medicine are becoming increasingly demanding. PROTEC provides you with the right tools to meet these requirements. Whether you have your own practice or a veterinary clinic, you can benefit from precise, cost-effective diagnostics by means of X-ray examinations: Digital solutions with flat panel detectors (DR systems), combined with special veterinary software, provide fast, precise results. Analogue systems deliver highly informative results thanks to our high-performance table-top film developing machines.

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Material Testing

Maximize the quality of your products

The design and production requirements for components in manufacturing are steadily growing. The critical factors are cost-effectiveness, quality assurance and hazard avoidance. With the know-how that it has gained over 30 years, PROTEC offers its business partners sophisticated film developing machines for performing these complex tasks. They are easy to operate and energy-efficient, which means they are friendly to the environment. Their robust design permits mobile applications under a wide range of conditions. High-quality components ensure a long service life and excellent value for money.

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What connects us - you as our customers and market partners and we at PROTEC are the common interest in sustainable effective solutions and permanent innovation.


We are the technology partner who meets you with passion and with the tendency to always remain innovative and to continuously improve our own solutions.


At PROTEC you will meet concentrated expert knowledge from more than three decades - across the epoch threshold of digitalization.

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