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Digital or Analogue

X-ray Systems

PROTEC X-ray Systems offers outstanding image quality and easy, intuitive application.
Profit from a modern X-ray solution, made in Germany and configured to fit your requirements, all from a singe source.

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Modern, Simple and Easy

DR-Upgrade Solutions

Upgrade your X-ray device to a modern complete digital DR-System.
Combine your equipment with the newest detector technology in order to optimize your daily workflow.

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All from a single source

Digital Imaging

Here you will find all components for digital imaging.
This covers our detectors and software solutions.

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Single components of our portfolio


Here you will find the individual components of your X-ray system e.g. X-ray tables, generators or buckys.

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Our well known automatic film processors

Automatic film processor

Here you will find our automatic film processors for the application with analogue X-ray systems.

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