Wide range of variety
Exchangeable grid
Synchronisation with the tube column
Failsafe function

As a general choice, there are Bucky versions with fixed grid and motorized grid drive. The variety of different PROTEC Bucky configurations including optional fail-safe function and format sensing stands for an incredibly broad radiographic application range. The grid exchange option enables comfortable removing of the grid, e.g. in case of paediatric examinations without grid.

PROTEC Bucky featuring fail-safe function disable X-ray exposure as long as no image receptor is positioned inside the Bucky – this protects patients from unnecessary radiation. Bucky with format sensing transfer cassette size information to the collimator for automatic, optimum collimation.

The Bucky series is also particularly dedicated to integration of DR-flat panels (detectors) of different manufacturers and brands, among them all models of PROTEC RAPIXX DR-systems.

The detector-Bucky cannot only easily be integrated into our PROGNOST X-ray tables and PROVERT wall stands – due to standardized outer dimensions, they are also perfectly suitable for integration and modernization of other manufacturer‘s tables, wall stands, U-arm systems etc. This is a key benefit especially when it comes to upgrading installed systems with DR-flat panel detector technology.

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