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Bucharest Romania | For 6 months now, the three mobile X-ray practices have been based here at the Marius-Nasta Pneumology Institute. Their mission: examination, diagnosis and especially information. Informing about one of the deadliest bacteria tribes in the present world – the mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infectious disease. Every year, approximately 1.6 million people fall victim to it. In Germany, tuberculosis is mostly kept under control thanks to the good medical care available throughout the country. Nevertheless, more than 4,000 positive cases are registered every year.

Not only countries in Africa or Asia are particularly affected, but also eastern european countries are confronted with high infection rates. In Romania alone 3 people die of tuberculosis every day. In order to reduce this number PROTEC has started a pilot project in Romania together with a local partner.

X-ray practice truck

A PROTEC PEDS 600 swivel bracket system provides fast available, extremely sharp digital X-ray images directly on site. In combination with the CONAXX 2 acquisition software and the mini-PACS solution PROPAXX, PROTEC products enable easy patient management and diagnosis, also directly on site.

Tuberculosis screening becomes as easy as child’s play, even outside of large cities. Infection centres can be detected and treated quickly. The result: the bacterium is prevented from spreading and human lives can be saved through early detection. Educating and awareness raising among the population will also help to contain the disease in the future.

Huge success

More than 10,000 people have already been X-rayed in the mobile practices with PROTEC systems – a great success and a big step in the right direction. This is also the opinion of the head of the Marius-Nasta Pneumology Institute. She calls the trucks and their teams “heroes of the hour” in a report on the Romanian news channel Antena3.

With the successful implementation of this project PROTEC has once again proven how individually applicable and intuitive X-ray technology can be!