In order to educate our business partners in detail about all our products, thus enabling them to provide best possible service to the users, we offer workshops at our Training Centre in Oberstenfeld wth max. 8 participants.

Technical training for x-ray film processors

The technical training for x-ray film processors has a small theoretical und a much more comprehensive practical part and is meant for the service engineers of our business partners.

Training for digital x-ray

The training for digital x-ray covers among other things the following issues:

  • Theoretical background for PACS, DICOM, DR technology
  • Use of our various RAPIXX DR-Systems
  • ales and distribution of RAPIXX DR-Systems and our software solutions
  • Installation of RAPIXX, CONAXX and PROPAXX
  • Network in theory and practice
  • DICOM Communication with CONAXX and PROPAXX
  • CONAXX and PROPAXX operation and configuration (incl. exposure, reading out and processing of X-ray images)
  • Service and maintenance of our various RAPIXX DR-System
  • System error analysis
  • Printing in DICOM

Training for X-ray systems and components

  • Installation and maintenance of complete x-ray systems PEDS 600 & PRS 500
  • Installation and maintenance of PROVARIO HF x-ray generators
  • Installation and maintenance of PROGNOST x-ray tables (mobile & stationary)
  • Installation and maintenance of mobile x-ray system PROSLIDE 32-DR Touch
  • Installation and maintenance of Buckys and other components

Sales Training – focus: complete DR x-ray systems and DR-upgrade

The Sales Training covers among other things the following issues:

  • Overview about PROTEC’ s latest DR product range: product presentation and news
  • Examples and sales-related technical information
  • Overview and use of existing product and sales documents
  • Detailed consideration of:
    • New PROTEC Product Configurator: product selection / product definition, price list and dealer order form in one! Presentation and training of the application
    • Dealer Support by PROTEC: Services and PSP (PROTEC SUPPORT PROGRAM)
  • Practice: individual product configurations
  • Exchange: market requirements / competition / …
  • Conception of new products / projects and strategy

Participants should have basic IT-knowledge already.


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