Central control unit
Outstanding image quality
Ergonomic and modern design
Intuitive application
Flexible configurable for smallest room space

The PEDS 600 is a state-of-the-art radiography system including a microprocessor controlled inverter generator from our PROVARIO HF series. Due to the compact design the system is ideal for any kind of examination techniques in orthopedic, surgical and traumatology applications where minimum space required is of vital importance. To ensure a fast workflow the digital automatic exposure control (AEC in classic and TOUCH version) and anatomical programmer (APR) are part of the package.

According to individual user requirements, the PEDS 600 can be customized as an analog cassette-based system or a fully digital DR-unit. In case of a DR-configuration, the U-arm stand will be equipped with a PROTEC RAPIXX flatpanel detector.


The perfect X-ray image is always subject to personal consideration. Therefore, our CONAXX 2 acquisition software takes care of your individual preferences. In addition, the software provides central control of generator and detector settings and assists you in positioning the patient correctly.

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Our RAPIXX detector portfolio includes wireless and wired detectors. Each of those, no matter in which format, is characterized by brilliant image quality and high operational flexibility. The perfect solution for you, usable as single or dual panel installation!

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Mobile table

Our mobile PROGNOST X Series tables of provides you with special comfort during examination. Extreme stability and longevity together with the best possible translucency result from the floating table top made of carbon fibre (benefit: Reduced radiation exposure for patients and less wear and tear of x-ray tubes).

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A variety of different Bucky that could be installed in the x-ray table and wall stand ensures the safe and optimal positioning of your x-ray detector. When the tube column is moved, the table Bucky remains in the central beam mechanically controlled, so that time-consuming readjustment is no longer necessary.

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