Floating table top
Solid design for high patient load
Highly translucent table top
Generator can be installed under table

The PROGNOST F table offers high-end standards in quality and range of application

This elevating X-ray table can be delivered as single Bucky table (for replacement of existing Bucky table) or with matching column tube stand, which provides optimal synchronization of the X-ray tube assembly and the Bucky by means of a special clutch system.

Outstanding stability and longevity together with the best possible translucency are the result of the floating table-top made of composite or carbon fibre, which is used in all PROGNOST models – It ensures reduced radiation exposure for patients and less wear and tear of the x-ray tube.

Due to their modular construction, all PROGNOST tables can be supplemented by optional Bucky applying film- and CR-cassettes (imaging plates). Alternatively, when using digital systems with flatpanels, special PROTEC DR-Bucky can be specified. Such possible upgrading is quite simple to arrange and ideal even as retrofit.

Options / Accessories (abstract) for PROGNOST tables

  • Buckys without/with fail safe and without/with cassette size sensing for cassette-based systems (film- or CR-cassettes)
  • DR-Buckys for use of flat panel systems
  • Additional handgrips, compression band, mattress