Central operating unit
Height adjustable table

The PRS 500 B radiography system is a motorized X-ray system with an autotracking function for versatile applications and a high workload. Due to the integrated sophisticated autotracking functions the system enables the user a comfortable, fast and efficient daily workflow. This complete system delivers excellent exposure quality supporting any kind of X-ray examinations in radiological centers, clinics and hospitals, regardless whether it is used for analog or digital imaging techniques.

Sophisticated autotracking functions

  • autotracking X-ray tube stand adjusting its position to the wall stand bucky and to the
  • height of the elevating table
  • bucky positioning into the central ray positioning, also at oblique examinations
  • more efficient work performance trough to auotomated functions

Manual and motorized movements in one system

  • use of manual functions to guarantee precision and fastness
  • positioning with assistance of very precise distance and angle indications in the touch screen

Free positioning

  • 360° rotation of the entire X-ray tube stand for a maximum of application flexibility
  • x-ray examinations of immobile patients at the bedside or mobile x-ray table

Maximum choice – Maximum variability

  • CR, DR and conventinal film are available
  • all detectors of the RAPIXX series are available (single detector, dual detector combination, fix installed or portable/wireless systems)

Fully digital auto-stitching

  • optionally auto-stitching functionality to perform full leg or full spine examinations
  • special collimator features independent shutters: only the specific area of interest is being collimated

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