Central control unit
Collision protection
Touch monitor
Driven motorized
X-ray without direct power supply
Long battery runtime
Telescopic function

PROSLIDE 32 B is our entry into motorized mobile systems. It works with a 32 kW power and proven monobloc technology. In addition to various standard features, the system provides a telescopic arm for system adjustment as easy and as precise as it can ever be, even in situations with limited space and demanding application environment.

In case of set up as a fully digital system, various WiFi detector models of PROTEC´s RAPIXX series are available, while system operation with CONAXX 2 acquisition software is highly user-friendly due to use of an ergonomic tablet-PC.

Designed for digital, CR or analogue application.


For the PROSLIDE 32 B System, several devices bearing a CE marking are put together to be marked as a medical system. Accordingly, PROTEC provides a Statement in accordance with Article 22 of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 for the PROSLIDE 32 B System, which may be used by our distributors for sales and installations activities.


The perfect X-ray image is always subject to personal consideration. Therefore, our CONAXX 2 acquisition software takes care of your individual preferences. In addition, the software provides central control of generator and detector settings and assists you in positioning the patient correctly.

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Our RAPIXX detector portfolio includes wireless and wired detectors. Each of those, no matter in which format, is characterized by brilliant image quality and high operational flexibility. The perfect solution for you, usable as single or dual panel installation!

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