Central control of the X-ray system
Rotation of the whole tube column
Ergonomic handling
Telescopic function

Our central control unit enables you to operate our X-ray systems easily in the Classic as well as in the TOUCH version.

A back-lit keypad allows you to control all movements of the X-ray column and the tube arm. Small symbols and a proven arrangement of functions make operation easy and intuitive. Due to the smoothness of all components, the system offers you special comfort in your daily operation. All X-ray systems of the PRS 500 series also include mechanical Bucky synchronization, which saves time by avoiding time-consuming manual Bucky adjustments. Your detector always stays in the central beam of the X-ray tube for vertical and horizontal exposures.

Our X-ray systems can basically be configured in two variants. In order to fully enjoy the advantages of digital radiography, we recommend our TOUCH version. With this version you have the possibility to handle the entire workflow directly at the system via an integrated medical tablet in connection with our X-ray image acquisition software CONAXX 2 TOUCH. From personnel data acquisition, X-ray job system, generator control to image acquisition and forwarding to the diagnostic program. In addition, the software supports you with an exposure assistant to choose the right dose and patient positioning. The CLASSIC version also offers ergonomic handles and a goniometer for horizontal, vertical and oplique images. As optional features for maximum flexibility, we offer a 360° rotation of the complete X-ray column, as well as a 23cm extendable telescopic arm.

TOUCH version

Analouge version

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