CONAXX 2 and PROPAXX - Exhibition NEWS #04

During the X-ray process, radiologists, doctors and assistants want to dedicate themselves exclusively to the patient. In this respect, user-friendly software with intuitive user guidance is of fundamental importance. The less time users have to work on the screen, the more undivided attention remains for the most essential - the patient. PROTECS' tried-and-tested CONAXX 2 and PROPAXX software solutions enable such a positive patient relationship for the duration of the entire examination process.


At PROTEC, a team of experienced specialists is committed to the development of our excellent software solutions. Our image acquisition software CONAXX 2 and the PROPAXX diagnostic program impress with their outstanding customizability and playful ease of use. We attach great importance to an optimal, consistent and holistic overall concept. We would be pleased to inform you personally about our X-ray software at the ECR 2018 from 01.03. to 04.03.2018 at booth 232, Expo X2.


CONAXX 2 - reliable companion


The well-established CONAXX acquisition and processing software, which has since been replaced by CONAXX 2, has set high standards in reliable, safe and uncomplicated user guidance since 2006 and has become a staple. Thanks to its easy to understand and structured structure, the context-oriented adaptation of the user interface and the automatic transfer of patient and order data, it leads the user to the perfect X-ray image with just a few clicks. The first automatic image optimization compensates for under-exposure and overexposure. Noise reduction and contrast enhancement also contribute to the perfect representation of the desired body parts.


A special trump card of this software is the Professional Image Tuning. With this effective module, technicians and physicians can make individual changes to the X-ray images. Arbitrary image sections can be enlarged so that the part of the body to be viewed can be seen optimally. Contrast, gray values and sharpness can also be adjusted easily.


CONAXX2 can be easily combined with an existing PACS solution and, due to its modular design, is ideally suited for connection to an existing radiological network. In combination with the optional Diagnostic Viewer, it has an integrated PACS system as a stand-alone solution, so that no further archiving system has to be purchased.


CONAXX2 also supports the newcomer in our product portfolio, the PSR 500 B, an innovative complete X-ray system with autotracking function.


PROPAXX - flexible all-rounder


PROPAXX, our diagnostic and archiving software (mini-PACS), which is suitable for stationary and mobile use, also offers the user a whole range of desirable advantages. In addition to the freely configurable quick access bar and an optimally scalable range of functions, it can shine with a highly detailed 10-bit representation of the image material. As viewing, editing and archiving software, it has an integrated back-up function and can be flexibly adapted to individual system sizes - even for complex multi-client solutions. The central image archive server can also be accessed from different diagnostic workstations. The software can also network with other system participants via communication points.


In addition, PROPAXX has a whole range of useful help and administration tools. For example, it enables synchronous viewing of images in the digital light box from the same window and zoom perspective. It also has an integrated interface for reporting. Like CONAXX 2, PROPAXX also has a wide range of functions for analyzing and optimizing the stored image data.


WORKLIST SERVER - Intermediary between the worlds


In addition to these two software solutions, we offer a flexible and intelligent interface that mediates between patient information systems (RIS, HIS, patient management system) and various modalities used for the examination. Our Work List Server can be flexibly connected to an unlimited number of information systems. It stores information reliably and forwards it to connected DICOM-compatible modalities such as ultrasound, digital X-ray and MRI. Thanks to its precise filter settings, the respective modality receives only the examination data intended for it. Even if a number of modalities are connected to the server, it reliably transmits the appropriate data to the appropriate target modality.


Many reasons speak for our versatile and reliable software systems. Convince yourself of our software solutions, for example at one of our work stations at the ECR in Vienna.


We would be pleased to welcome you at our booth 232, Expo X2 at the European Radiology Congress.