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Outstanding safety features – one of the many advantages of PROTEC X-ray systems.


A modern and efficient X-ray system is not only characterized by pure performance values ​​such as the number of kW of the generator or the pixel value of the detector. But we understand it to mean much more: for example equipping of the system with various safety features. Among others, PROTEC offers:

  • Fail Safe: Switch in the Bucky, which is coupled to the CONAXX 2 software and only allows exposure only when the detector is inserted
  • Hardware and software controlled tube angle monitoring to check whether the tube angle matches the selected application
  • Grid detection with CONAXX 2 coupling (e.g. for PRS 500B with warning if SID does not match the inserted grid)
  • Memory monitoring of the hard disk and RAM monitoring by CONAXX 2 Software
  • Auto-stitching solution with a software-controlled workflow that doesn’t even allow for user errors


Depending on the model and customer-specific configuration, these and other safety functions are available from PROTEC and make X-ray examinations even easier. Contact us directly for further detailed information – also at the ECR in Vienna (July 13-17, PROTEC booth in Expo X4, No. 410) or the FIME in Miami (July 27-29, PROTEC booth E59 in the German Pavilion area).