Unlimited battery life for Wifi detectors

In modern diagnostics, WiFi detectors have established themselves as the state-of-the-art solution. High application flexibility and easy handling offer great advantages over classic, tethered solutions.

One drawback remains: WiFi detectors are always bound to the battery level of their integrated power source. Depending on to number of exposures, the battery must be changed once or even several times a day. After each change, connection from detector to acquisition software is re-established. Both take valuable time and represent a potential source of technical failures.

Free yourself

from interruptions in ongoing operation

PROTEC has developed an innovative charging solution for WiFi detectors. This allows detector batteries to be recharged directly in operation. Charging contacts are connected automatically when the detector is positioned in X-ray table or the grid wall stand.

This means for you: obligatory battery exchanges are no longer necessary and unrestricted workflow efficiency is guaranteed. For exposures of patients under stress, or with the detector on the X-ray table, a fully charged system is permanently ready for use.