PRS 500 B Auto-Stitching Solution

Stitching images are essential for modern medicine. Despite the limited size of individual images, they provide overall insights for accurate and reliable diagnosis in the fields of orthopaedics and surgery. In the stitching process, several X-ray images are digitally combined to create e.g. full leg and spinal images.

With conventional X-ray systems, stitching is time-consuming and associated with a high patient stress. The system must be individually aligned after each of the 2-3 images. As a result, radiation projections and distorted X-ray images occur. In addition, the patient has to stand motionless for the entire examination time to obtain good image results.

Stitching exposures with the PRS 500 B - easy, fast and efficient.

The Auto-Stitching function of the PRS 500 B takes stitching to a new level. To achieve this, the system uses a perfect symbiosis of automated and manual work steps. The complete Auto-Stitching workflow is controlled by the intuitively operated CONAXX2 software on the central touchscreen monitor.

The PROTEC Auto-Stitching workflow

  1. the CONAXX2 assistant guides the user through all preparation steps
  2. the patient is positioned for image acquisition
  3. fade in the first exposure, then leave the X-ray room
  4. trigger the first image, within seconds you will receive a preview image on the monitor outside the X-ray room.
  5. the system automatically moves to the next position and fades in for the second image. This step is repeated until all exposures have been made.
  6. the patient can now leave the exposure position. The exposure process is completed within approx. 50 seconds.
  7. sending the automatically stitched x-ray image to a diagnostic station

Top features

Enormous time savings
Highly efficient workflow with automatic alignment of the system and elimination of any manual re-adjustment during the recording process.
Minimum patient strain
Process takes only 50 seconds for three X-ray exposures, thus considerably relieving the patient.
Minimization of image projections
A motorized collimator allows the exposure of all images from a single tube position. Image projections are almost completely avoided.
Digital stitching
All individual exposures are stitched together automatically. In a matter of seconds, a brilliant, digital X-ray image is generated for a safe diagnosis.
Made in Germany
One source for hardware, software and service – all with dedication to quality, 100% tested before shipment.
We would be happy to assist you with the configuration of your individual stitching solution!